BELA Biennial is not just an event that brings together artists from Europe and Latin America, joining two different cultures in the same space. The project aims at showing how the working and living environment influences the artists´ work, going beyond their individual creative habilities.

The driving force which moves the Biennial is, above all, an attitude of restlessness and boldness in relation to creativity, so that the public can perceive the result of each artist's distinguished and innovative vision. As a result, it will enable a discussion about how cultures geographically apart but close in their creative approach, develop in the contemporary art scneario.

In short, we seek to reach a unique vision when thinking about the artistic universe, the view of individual creativity, permeated by the different views of each artist´s own experiences, their cultural environments and places of daily activities. Starting from this democratic premise, Bela Biennial aims at allowing a dialogue between different cultures united by art, as art creates a borderless union.