Ademar Galvão

Adhenar-Galvao Adhenar-Galvao-Biplano-Colorido-1-070x060m-Acrlico-sobre-tela Adhenar-Galvao-PIPAS-4-093X093Acrlico-sobre-tela Adhenar-Galvao-Sao-PAULO1-146x107m-Acrlico-sobre-tela

Having started his studies as a self-taught man, he is greatly influenced by the works of Nicolas de Stael and Paul Klee. His practice in the studio of professor and artist Ricardo Frazão has enhanced his craft. His wife, an architect with a specialization in Art History, as well as being a great supporter, has complemented his orientation in the use of color and form.

His experience in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, and childhood games with colored kites, have great influence on his work. His paintings feature ever-present themes that alternate between city landscapes, lands overflown in the past and kites, with a blue sky or sea background, or the scattered slums along the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The simplification of forms is the most seductive expression of Ademar's work. With his own characteristics and sensitive view of painting, the geometric abstract style prevails. His influences are explicit, but their translation into his own calligraphy and formalism are visible, with almost saturated colors, as well as nuances of shades in gray scales.